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Thursday, November 27, 2014

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After having few years blogging, I am ready to embark upon the new world of social interaction-Tweets @kkghimachal

Ø @narendramodi Commendable to declare 31 Oct as Rashtriya Divas, reflecting true spirit. Had Sardar been PM, India would be shining as top 10

Ø Integrating >560 princely states by Sardar is Rashtriya Ekta in true sense;Not declaring it in early 50s is unpardonable omission of Nehru.

Ø Congress crying hoarse over declaring Sardar's birthday as Rashtrya Ekta Divas-Explain for not doing so in 50s&Not conferring Bharat Ratna?

Ø Sardar's (proposed) statue-symbol of 'unity in diversity'; source of inspiration, needs completion because it will inspire true Nationalism

Ø Politics is not dirty but it is made so by persons who use it for self-service/aggrandisement whereas should be Public welfare indeed

Ø @narendramodi_in Yes but mere flow of information from bottom to top and guidance thereupon from top is meaningless unless action follows.

Ø 'Practice is better than Precept' -BJP should welcome communal and intellectual diversity otherwise mediocrity is bound to affect the Party.

Ø If conduct & character of BJP leaders matches Party ideology as it did in case of Mukherji and Upadhya, people will join Party proudly.

Ø @AmitShahOffice Catchy slogans have limited value, real difference is made by innate substance which makes lasting effect to sustain victory

Ø Checks & Balances is important in Govt. & Party. It is not being maintained in India. Leaders need to ponder on it lest it gets too late.

Ø 2014 Budget yet not implemented and 2015 Budget carrot being shown. Should implement first and then plan further-Not promises but action?

Ø PMO's control over central bureaucracy is not so effective as it was during Vajpayee's period. Does it not require pondering by Modi?

Ø BJP will win Delhi election because of Modi's leadership and AAP will lose because of Kejriwal's leadership-Both sides one-man show?

Ø Amit Shah's organising capacity is commendable but ultimate credit goes to Modi for giving Shah opportunity against all odds.

Ø BJP's victory in J&K will be good for country's integrity & security. Sardar's unfinished task would be taken to the logical conclusion.

Ø @arunjaitley Statement about Reforms process-Privatisation of loss making PSUs-welcome.AirIndia was at Rs 5000cr (in 2002) loss-now 70,000cr

Ø @arunjaitley > 100 PSUs are loss making, mostly non-strategic, require professional input which privatisation can provide-Rightly said by FM

Ø @arunjaitley Employees issue is most critical in PSU reforms-can be resolved by deployment in deptts. vacancies, paving way to privatisation

Ø @arunjaitley Concurrent step required alongside privatisation-Strengthening Regulatory Mechanism to ensure compliance by private entity

Ø 'Leaders uniting against Modi'-Not to impact-common-hatred is weak-bond;Except Devegowda and Nitish none others has good performance record

Ø Earlier attempt of uniting against Modi did not work because could not accept leader other than their ownself-Will be same again-Modi gains.

Ø When will India be free of caste consideration, particularly Dalit's social stigma-sweet talk by political parties but no positive action?

Ø Gandhi's fight against caste-stigma requires further fillip to rid India of shameful menace-Respectables to set example indeed not words.

Ø Suresh Prabhu has vision & perspective;is performer & achiever;did so well as Power/Env.&Forest Minister;will prove a great asset to Modi.

Ø Proposed cabinet expansion reflects Modi's wisdom If bureaucracy is geared by PMO's effective monitoring Modi's promises will get fulfilled

Ø Obama losing Congress'-Lesson-Voters restiveness due to gap in; promises-action;theory-practice. Oratory&Rhetorics have limits; Inction?

Ø Khattar's initial moves quite impressive. If actions follow he may emerge as the best CM. Mute question-Will he be able to control Babus?

Ø Can one rise above his confirmed level of conduct character capability on becoming Minister? History says NO. Let us hope it is proved wrong

Ø Shimla lost its pristine glory because of acts of omission commission by successive govts-politics took lead over right priorities-so bad.

Ø PSUs could be source of revenue instead have become burden on state exchequer in centre and states-Is it not time to do something about it.

Ø Service delivery system(free of corruption) will reduce vows of common man in day to day life at cutting edge level-main flaw in governance

Ø @PMOIndia Professional chauvinism of of allopath. Also homeopathy and unani or other systems of treatment should comparable recognition.

Ø Austerity measures announced by GoI is right step, needs implementation literally. Close down loss making PSUs, adjusting staff in Deptts.

Ø Management Thinker's saying 'CEO's excellence gets duly exhibited in work as cook or as postman', holds good for all categories of people.

Ø "Finance Minister asks CAG not to look for making headlines through their audit reports." | For a second I thought someone RTed a UPA tweet

Ø Vij has set model of Action Man-his surprise visit in Ambala- This is reqd. in India/All States; Call to eliminate drug-menace commendable

Ø AAP did not consider it worthwhile to introspect after repeated debacles,so it is likely to be cakewalk for BJP in Delhi elections-AAP burial

Ø Kejriwal neither worked as ITO nor as Delhi CM, discarded by Anna;lacks leadership traits, so AAP has no chance under his leadership

Ø BJP lost previous Delhi elections because of infighting, which now does not exist;Modi wave is currently intense, so victory is a certainty

Ø After having failed to govern in Delhi; having failed to make dent in Lok Sabha election; How does Kejriwal still expects to win in Delhi?

Ø Event'sChain on power ascendance -Euphoria> Struggle>Skirmishes>Digression from Governance totrivials>PerformanceDip>Public Disillusionment

Ø News Item(with photo)-'Gadkari riding two wheeler without helmet' explains why people in India consider law flouting matter of pride.Change?

Ø Had Modi commenced 'Swachhata Abhiyan' earlier as Gujrat CM, scenario would have been different because of a concrete model in place

Ø When will politicians understand that Indians are fed up of rherotics/stunts/gimmics/promises since 1947. Nothing but actions only are reqd.

Ø Reform in State governance-make transfer policy,computerise management free employees from political clutches, service delivery to commonman

Ø Most vital reform to improve governance- Club all top services as Indian Civil Service-will promote merit,eliminate inter service bickering

Ø Vital traits for being successful as CM-sound judgement(political,personnel);Admn.acumen;altruistic;tenacity of purpose;untiring;downtoearth

Ø Khattar as CM-commendable-can do well if controls bureaucracy, make it functional. Selfless,honest,humble,hardworking,performer-his strength

Ø Voters in Haryana say they voted for 'Modi'. Neither BJP nor candidate. Same in Maharashtra. Excellent-if actions match hope-bad if not?

Ø Ref. news item-GoI infusing 3000 cr in AI to turnaround Being stated for years, will not work. Pvt partner needed to manage professionally

Ø Kautiliya's Arthshastra is more relevant today to understand crux of governance. Alas! very few of those in saddle have read it. Should read

Ø Plug revenue leakage and see States in India having surplus fund to boost development, improve governance, bridge social gap-India shining

Ø Congress has no credibility;AAP in shambles;regional parties exposed-BJP can capture power in Delhi provided personal ambition is reigned.

Ø Maharashtra election verdict-Parochialism c'nt pay;People still trust leaders making tall promises;Well deserved dubbing to Congress-Watch?

Ø Greatest gains in Haryana election verdict-Ayarams+Gayarams eclipsed;individual centric small parties dubbed;BJP performs or perishes.Wait?

Ø We should not forget that Nehru caused Kashmir problem, NE turbulence, internal+external security problems, unemployment+poverty, blackmoney

Ø Rahul Gandhi is a classical example who in 10th class remains as dud as he was in 1st class and is likely to remain so in perpetuity.

Ø Congress leaders have panicked so much that people have started believing that Modi sunami in coming election in two states is in the offng

Ø Vasundhara's statement that Lok Sabha election was won by Party, is laughable because every one worldwide believes rightly vote was to Modi

Ø KKGHimachal: @narendramodi 'Teaching how to catch fish rather than distributing fish' must ensure the initiative does'nt drain exchequer

Ø झाड़ू लगाने से भी ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है कचरा बिखेरना। जिस दिन ये समझ जाये सबको, भारत स्वच्छ हो जायेगा।” well said.

Ø Ref. Shatrughan Sinha's comment on BJP's poll setback. Age alone is not vital to gain wisdom, as dynamism is not necessarily youth domain

Ø Modi govt. is yet to convert announcements into action in regard to reforms;service delivery;probity;accountability;efficiency-political adm

Ø Political party without Ideology is ship sailing without Lighthouse and without right leader is vehicle driven by bad driver.

Ø Reforms means- Administrative; Economic; Financial; Systemic; Social; Work-culture; Ethical and Cultural. Most important PSU Disinvestment

Ø Ideal role of new body- Effective monitoring of central ministries/States implementations; Review of obsolete laws rules procedures, reforms

Ø Plng. commission winding up a great leap forward but successor body success depends upon its role personnel performance effects.

Ø AAP MPs clamouring for big bungalows in Delhi- attempt to neutralise election gains because people donot expect AAP members to do this.

Ø Traits for Pr.Secy to PM competent, impeccable integrity, strong administrator, inspiring confidence fear in bureaucracy, experienced.

Ø Politicians need to learn a hard lesson- Never promise or commit something which cannot be delivered or else they are bound to be discarded.

Ø Modi has indeed appointed his Ministers very wisely and capable men are in position. Now these men/women must prove their mantle.

Ø Model Traits of Ideal Leader- Integrity Humility Commitment Action oriented Hardworking Positive Strong willed Inquisitive Goal focused

Ø Elements of Governance (Contd.)- Development&Reforms- Economic(Financial Trade Infrastructural) Social(Educational Health Cultural).

Ø Elements of Governance (contd.)- Integrity&Commitment; Systems; Processes&Procedures. These 8 elements concerns Basic Administration

Ø Elements of Governance- Rule of Law; Administrative Effectiveness&Efficiency; Transparency; Senstivity; Objectivity&Judiciousness

Ø Suprabhatam! 24 hours to go! If I am excited, think about those who hope to be PMs/ministers/MPs!

Ø Critical Elements for a political party to fight elections for victory - Ideology/Policy;Leadership strength;Worker motivation; Candidate