Thursday, November 27, 2014

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After having few years blogging, I am ready to embark upon the new world of social interaction-Tweets @kkghimachal

Ø @narendramodi Commendable to declare 31 Oct as Rashtriya Divas, reflecting true spirit. Had Sardar been PM, India would be shining as top 10

Ø Integrating >560 princely states by Sardar is Rashtriya Ekta in true sense;Not declaring it in early 50s is unpardonable omission of Nehru.

Ø Congress crying hoarse over declaring Sardar's birthday as Rashtrya Ekta Divas-Explain for not doing so in 50s&Not conferring Bharat Ratna?

Ø Sardar's (proposed) statue-symbol of 'unity in diversity'; source of inspiration, needs completion because it will inspire true Nationalism

Ø Politics is not dirty but it is made so by persons who use it for self-service/aggrandisement whereas should be Public welfare indeed

Ø @narendramodi_in Yes but mere flow of information from bottom to top and guidance thereupon from top is meaningless unless action follows.

Ø 'Practice is better than Precept' -BJP should welcome communal and intellectual diversity otherwise mediocrity is bound to affect the Party.

Ø If conduct & character of BJP leaders matches Party ideology as it did in case of Mukherji and Upadhya, people will join Party proudly.

Ø @AmitShahOffice Catchy slogans have limited value, real difference is made by innate substance which makes lasting effect to sustain victory

Ø Checks & Balances is important in Govt. & Party. It is not being maintained in India. Leaders need to ponder on it lest it gets too late.

Ø 2014 Budget yet not implemented and 2015 Budget carrot being shown. Should implement first and then plan further-Not promises but action?

Ø PMO's control over central bureaucracy is not so effective as it was during Vajpayee's period. Does it not require pondering by Modi?

Ø BJP will win Delhi election because of Modi's leadership and AAP will lose because of Kejriwal's leadership-Both sides one-man show?

Ø Amit Shah's organising capacity is commendable but ultimate credit goes to Modi for giving Shah opportunity against all odds.

Ø BJP's victory in J&K will be good for country's integrity & security. Sardar's unfinished task would be taken to the logical conclusion.

Ø @arunjaitley Statement about Reforms process-Privatisation of loss making PSUs-welcome.AirIndia was at Rs 5000cr (in 2002) loss-now 70,000cr

Ø @arunjaitley > 100 PSUs are loss making, mostly non-strategic, require professional input which privatisation can provide-Rightly said by FM

Ø @arunjaitley Employees issue is most critical in PSU reforms-can be resolved by deployment in deptts. vacancies, paving way to privatisation

Ø @arunjaitley Concurrent step required alongside privatisation-Strengthening Regulatory Mechanism to ensure compliance by private entity

Ø 'Leaders uniting against Modi'-Not to impact-common-hatred is weak-bond;Except Devegowda and Nitish none others has good performance record

Ø Earlier attempt of uniting against Modi did not work because could not accept leader other than their ownself-Will be same again-Modi gains.

Ø When will India be free of caste consideration, particularly Dalit's social stigma-sweet talk by political parties but no positive action?

Ø Gandhi's fight against caste-stigma requires further fillip to rid India of shameful menace-Respectables to set example indeed not words.

Ø Suresh Prabhu has vision & perspective;is performer & achiever;did so well as Power/Env.&Forest Minister;will prove a great asset to Modi.

Ø Proposed cabinet expansion reflects Modi's wisdom If bureaucracy is geared by PMO's effective monitoring Modi's promises will get fulfilled

Ø Obama losing Congress'-Lesson-Voters restiveness due to gap in; promises-action;theory-practice. Oratory&Rhetorics have limits; Inction?

Ø Khattar's initial moves quite impressive. If actions follow he may emerge as the best CM. Mute question-Will he be able to control Babus?

Ø Can one rise above his confirmed level of conduct character capability on becoming Minister? History says NO. Let us hope it is proved wrong

Ø Shimla lost its pristine glory because of acts of omission commission by successive govts-politics took lead over right priorities-so bad.

Ø PSUs could be source of revenue instead have become burden on state exchequer in centre and states-Is it not time to do something about it.

Ø Service delivery system(free of corruption) will reduce vows of common man in day to day life at cutting edge level-main flaw in governance

Ø @PMOIndia Professional chauvinism of of allopath. Also homeopathy and unani or other systems of treatment should comparable recognition.

Ø Austerity measures announced by GoI is right step, needs implementation literally. Close down loss making PSUs, adjusting staff in Deptts.

Ø Management Thinker's saying 'CEO's excellence gets duly exhibited in work as cook or as postman', holds good for all categories of people.

Ø "Finance Minister asks CAG not to look for making headlines through their audit reports." | For a second I thought someone RTed a UPA tweet

Ø Vij has set model of Action Man-his surprise visit in Ambala- This is reqd. in India/All States; Call to eliminate drug-menace commendable

Ø AAP did not consider it worthwhile to introspect after repeated debacles,so it is likely to be cakewalk for BJP in Delhi elections-AAP burial

Ø Kejriwal neither worked as ITO nor as Delhi CM, discarded by Anna;lacks leadership traits, so AAP has no chance under his leadership

Ø BJP lost previous Delhi elections because of infighting, which now does not exist;Modi wave is currently intense, so victory is a certainty

Ø After having failed to govern in Delhi; having failed to make dent in Lok Sabha election; How does Kejriwal still expects to win in Delhi?

Ø Event'sChain on power ascendance -Euphoria> Struggle>Skirmishes>Digression from Governance totrivials>PerformanceDip>Public Disillusionment

Ø News Item(with photo)-'Gadkari riding two wheeler without helmet' explains why people in India consider law flouting matter of pride.Change?

Ø Had Modi commenced 'Swachhata Abhiyan' earlier as Gujrat CM, scenario would have been different because of a concrete model in place

Ø When will politicians understand that Indians are fed up of rherotics/stunts/gimmics/promises since 1947. Nothing but actions only are reqd.

Ø Reform in State governance-make transfer policy,computerise management free employees from political clutches, service delivery to commonman

Ø Most vital reform to improve governance- Club all top services as Indian Civil Service-will promote merit,eliminate inter service bickering

Ø Vital traits for being successful as CM-sound judgement(political,personnel);Admn.acumen;altruistic;tenacity of purpose;untiring;downtoearth

Ø Khattar as CM-commendable-can do well if controls bureaucracy, make it functional. Selfless,honest,humble,hardworking,performer-his strength

Ø Voters in Haryana say they voted for 'Modi'. Neither BJP nor candidate. Same in Maharashtra. Excellent-if actions match hope-bad if not?

Ø Ref. news item-GoI infusing 3000 cr in AI to turnaround Being stated for years, will not work. Pvt partner needed to manage professionally

Ø Kautiliya's Arthshastra is more relevant today to understand crux of governance. Alas! very few of those in saddle have read it. Should read

Ø Plug revenue leakage and see States in India having surplus fund to boost development, improve governance, bridge social gap-India shining

Ø Congress has no credibility;AAP in shambles;regional parties exposed-BJP can capture power in Delhi provided personal ambition is reigned.

Ø Maharashtra election verdict-Parochialism c'nt pay;People still trust leaders making tall promises;Well deserved dubbing to Congress-Watch?

Ø Greatest gains in Haryana election verdict-Ayarams+Gayarams eclipsed;individual centric small parties dubbed;BJP performs or perishes.Wait?

Ø We should not forget that Nehru caused Kashmir problem, NE turbulence, internal+external security problems, unemployment+poverty, blackmoney

Ø Rahul Gandhi is a classical example who in 10th class remains as dud as he was in 1st class and is likely to remain so in perpetuity.

Ø Congress leaders have panicked so much that people have started believing that Modi sunami in coming election in two states is in the offng

Ø Vasundhara's statement that Lok Sabha election was won by Party, is laughable because every one worldwide believes rightly vote was to Modi

Ø KKGHimachal: @narendramodi 'Teaching how to catch fish rather than distributing fish' must ensure the initiative does'nt drain exchequer

Ø झाड़ू लगाने से भी ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण है कचरा बिखेरना। जिस दिन ये समझ जाये सबको, भारत स्वच्छ हो जायेगा।” well said.

Ø Ref. Shatrughan Sinha's comment on BJP's poll setback. Age alone is not vital to gain wisdom, as dynamism is not necessarily youth domain

Ø Modi govt. is yet to convert announcements into action in regard to reforms;service delivery;probity;accountability;efficiency-political adm

Ø Political party without Ideology is ship sailing without Lighthouse and without right leader is vehicle driven by bad driver.

Ø Reforms means- Administrative; Economic; Financial; Systemic; Social; Work-culture; Ethical and Cultural. Most important PSU Disinvestment

Ø Ideal role of new body- Effective monitoring of central ministries/States implementations; Review of obsolete laws rules procedures, reforms

Ø Plng. commission winding up a great leap forward but successor body success depends upon its role personnel performance effects.

Ø AAP MPs clamouring for big bungalows in Delhi- attempt to neutralise election gains because people donot expect AAP members to do this.

Ø Traits for Pr.Secy to PM competent, impeccable integrity, strong administrator, inspiring confidence fear in bureaucracy, experienced.

Ø Politicians need to learn a hard lesson- Never promise or commit something which cannot be delivered or else they are bound to be discarded.

Ø Modi has indeed appointed his Ministers very wisely and capable men are in position. Now these men/women must prove their mantle.

Ø Model Traits of Ideal Leader- Integrity Humility Commitment Action oriented Hardworking Positive Strong willed Inquisitive Goal focused

Ø Elements of Governance (Contd.)- Development&Reforms- Economic(Financial Trade Infrastructural) Social(Educational Health Cultural).

Ø Elements of Governance (contd.)- Integrity&Commitment; Systems; Processes&Procedures. These 8 elements concerns Basic Administration

Ø Elements of Governance- Rule of Law; Administrative Effectiveness&Efficiency; Transparency; Senstivity; Objectivity&Judiciousness

Ø Suprabhatam! 24 hours to go! If I am excited, think about those who hope to be PMs/ministers/MPs!

Ø Critical Elements for a political party to fight elections for victory - Ideology/Policy;Leadership strength;Worker motivation; Candidate


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chain Events in Political arena of Indian Democracy

Going by the political history of India since independence, the most common chain of events on ascendance of a Party or an Individual to 'Power' has been:- (A) Victory Euphoria > (B) Cut-Throat Struggle amongst Berth-Seekers > (C) Intra-Party Skirmishes > (D) Colossal wastage of Time & Energy in 'Reconciliation Efforts' > (E) Digression from 'Governance' to Trivial Issues'> (F) Loosening of control over 'Bureaucracy' > (G) Non-Performance > (H) Public Disillusionment > (I) Ouster of the Party or Individual from 'Power' > (J) Replacement by another Party or Individual > (K) Re-Starting of the Chain of Events from (A) to (K).

The mute question is 'How long will it go on'? 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pillars of Governance


(A) Basic Administration

1) Security- Internal (Law & Order); External (Diplomatic, Border-related)
2) Effectiveness & Efficiency
3) Transparency
4) Sensitivity
5) Objectivity & Judiciousness
6) Integrity & Commitment
7) Systems
8) Processes & Procedures

(B) Development & Reforms
1) Economic (Financial, Trade, Infrastructural)

2) Social (Educational, Health, Cultural)

My Profile

Bio-Profile (In Brief) of Kushal Kumar (K.K.Gupta)

Personal: Born in a Farming Family in village Kathwari (Balh), District Mandi of Himachal Pradesh. Got initial education from (the then) Govt. Primary School Ghasnu, did Matriculation from Govt. High School Bhangrotu. A Science Graduate from Govt. College for Men (Chandigarh) and a Post Graduate in Public Administration from Punjab University Chandigarh; Post Graduate in Forestry from National Forest Academy Dehradun.

Professional: Joined the Indian Forest Service in 1971 and allocated to Himachal Pradesh cadre. Served as DFO Lahaul & Spiti/ Chamba/ Kunihar/ Solan WP/HQrs/ (DM) Forest Corpn. Shimla/ MC Shimla and as CF Kullu/ Shimla/ Mandi/ (Director) State Land Use Board/ (Director Marketing) Forest Corpn. Served as Principle Chief Conservator of Forests H.P. heading the Wildlife Wing. On deployment outside the Forest Department in the State, served as MD HPMC/ SIDC/ GIC/ Electronics Corpn. and as Secretary Agriculture & Horticulture to the State Government.

While on central deputation, served as Joint Secretary Food Processing & Disinvestment and as Secretary National Commission for Scheduled Tribes in Govt. of India.

Got very wide exposure nationally as well as internationally through training and conferences/ seminars/ workshops in UK/ USA/ Germany/ France/ Holland/ Phillipines/ Malaysia/ Bangladesh.

Notable Works: Plantation grooves in Lahaul & Spiti; Micro-watershed development models; HPMC Turnaround; Redrawing the boundaries of Sanctuaries & National Parks to keep out the habitations; Drafted the National Food Processing Policy; Facilitated reduction of Micro-nutrient deficiencies (Iron, Iodine, and Vitamin ‘A’) through fortified foods; First Strategic Sale (Modern Foods) and thereafter those of CMC, Paradip Phosphates, 19 Hotels of ITDC & 3 Hotels of IHC (Air India Subsidiary), also handled (inconclusive) disinvestments of Air India/ Indian Airlines/ National Fertilisers/ Shipping Corpn. 

Took voluntary (pre-mature) retirement in July 2007 and settled in farm house at village Lalseri PO Bakhrot Tehsil Karsog District Mandi Himachal Pradesh. Also renders consultancy services from work place at C-90, Sector-3, New Shimla-171009

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Modi's Cabinet

First hurdle has been crossed by Modi by appointing capable persons as members of his cabinet and allocating portfolios matching their capability. Let us be hopeful that these Ministers do their bit and perform.
The next hurdle is the appointments at bureaucratic level, which is easier though tricky in view of the extra perfect lobbying - skills of the Baboos. Thereafter would be the more difficult task of activating these Baboos or say bringing them out of hibernation & sleepy mode.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Clear verdict for Modi

Indian voters have wholeheartedly trusted Modi. Their expectations are quite high. Path for Modi is arduous. Pluses in favour are Modi's experience; Performance record; while the minuses are Intra-Party discordancy; India's diversity & complexity; Non-BJP State Governments; People's High expectations; Over-ambitious berth-seekers; Demoralised & Fearful bureaucracy (comprising mostly average or below average performers who need be activated with twin tool of pushing-pulling & extremely close monitoring/evaluation system.
Going by the political history of India since independence, the likely chain in such a situation: Euphoria> Power struggle amongst the berth-seekers> Intra-Party skirmishes> Wastage of energy in reconciliatory effort> Digression from governance to trivial issues> Dip in performance> Disillusionment.
Way-Out:- Cabinet formation on Merit-cum-political compulsion (as far as possible the performers / achievers to be given ministerial berths on the principle of 'Right Man in Right Job'. Bureaucratic placement purely on the basis of Merit (Performers/ Achievers/ Integrity/ Commitment).
India being a country, which is Unitary in spirit but Federal in character, Central government controls national policy matters while the implementation remains in the hands of the State government and also the cutting-edge governance issues which impact the public perception of the government (state as well central), how much rapport is strong enough to ward off political tug of war to take development programme of Modi forward, is quite critical.
There is no doubt about Modi's humility but will his party men be so? Quite improbable, in which case  disillusionment can occur

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Criteria for the selection of Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister

Governing a country requires support of able staff to aid the prime minister. The people in this staff need to maintain the crucial balance in serving both long term interests of the nation and the party in power.

The scale of this challenge is enormous when you look at a country as diverse as India where coalition governments are the reality for the foreseeable future. The role of principal secretary to PM is crucial in this regard. They play a crucial role in smooth functioning of the government and thereby of the Indian democracy.

In my opinion, below are the key qualities and characteristics of a person holding this position

 1. Established credentials as ‘Competent’, ‘Capable’, ‘Efficient’, ‘Effective’ and ‘Hardworking’ Administrator;
2.  Confirmed commitment to ‘Party Ideology’;
3.  Unstinted & strongest commitment to the ‘Person’ of the Prime Minister;
4.  Impeccable Integrity;
5.  Unshakeable ‘Fiscal Honesty’;
6.  Requisite ‘Academic Background’;
7.  Diverse ‘Field working’ experience;
8.  Policy-level working experience at the ‘State government level’ as well as at the ‘Central government level’;
9.  Requisite exposure of the BJP’s ‘Work Culture’;
10. ‘Objective’ & ‘Unbiased’ attitude towards all ‘Services’ and ‘Working Sectors’;
11. Flair & Acumen to assist the Prime Minister in ‘Politico-Administrative’ matters.